About IPA-Kenya

We are a community of police officers dedicated to serve the people through friendship...
(Servo per Amikeco). We strive to unite global police force towards
quality and attainable standards.


The international Police Association was founded in 1950 in Great Britain and is the largest police organization in the world with more than 420,000 members in 66 countries. Its Headquarters is in Nottingham, England.

It is open to every serving and retired police officer irrespective of rank, sex, race, colour, language or religion .It is a democratic body where every position is open to all persons from the Branch Officer to the international President.

IPA has an NGO special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the UN and with the Council of Europe. It is committed to the principles set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and recognizes that any form of torture is absolutely inconsistent with those ideals. The supreme Body of the association is the International Executive Council which is composed of one delegate from each National Section and the Permanent Executive Bureau.

Benefits of Being an IPA Member

Enjoy being a member of the worlds largest police organization.
Servo Per Akimeko (dervice through friendship).